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About Me

Since beginning my journey as a software engineer nearly 19 years ago, I've done remote work for agencies, consulted for startups, and collaborated with talented people to create digital products for both business and consumer use. I'm quietly confident, naturally curious, and perpetually working on improving my knowledge one design problem at a time.

I currently am working as a freelance engineer at a private emergency communication company, which is where my passion for design and development converge. Outside of work I have a beautiful wife, 5 wonderful children and two dogs. I am also working on a few other projects including automating pharmacy machines and designing logos.

I've always been drawn to the overlap between design and development. My skills are broad: from ui to design, front end to back end development. I enjoy each aspect, and love building programs from start to finish for clients.

I'm available for remote work - so if you would like to build something together, let's get in touch!

My Services

UI/UX Design
UI/UX involves planning and iterating a site's structure and layout. Once the proper information architecture is in place, I design the visual layer to create a beautiful user experience.
Front End Development
Front End Development is building out the visual components of a website. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I build fast, interactive websites.
Brand & Collateral Design
While most of my attention is on interactive projects, I also do branding and collateral. This includes logo design, business cards, and other printed materials.

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